Who really wants to wear worm excretion around their neck?

Why can’t we evolve away from this disgusting form of fabric production? Silk producers let the silk worms spin cocoons and then they boil the worms in oil to separate the cocoon from the worm.  Really?  Terrible!  Then they use the wormy wastewater to make cosmetics due to the high protein content.

Come on folks. We do have alternate sources of fabric.  Choices that are much more natural, humane, clean and simply sanitary.  Take good old cotton for instance.  Cotton is the best.  And, who really wants to wear worm butt excretion around their neck?   

At Frank & Buck, we are committed to ridding the world of shiny, silky, ugly ties.  There still may be a place for them on some of the used car lots of the world and in smoky, backroom poker games, but outside of those environments, they simply do not belong. 

You'll look swell in a new Frank & Buck tie!