We have had many people ask us where the name 'Frank & Buck' came from. Well, it all started in about 1991, when Emily (Buck) met with Todd (Frank) and a friend to study at The Cougareat of BYU. Todd's grandpa owned a horse farm, so he decided he'd take Emily out for a ride the next day. He saddled up who he thought was Daisy and sent her off. Moments later, "Daisy" (the untrained horse actually named Fire-Kimmey) bucked Emily off and stomped on her a few times. Todd started calling her Buck from then on. And as for Frank, he carried around a franklin day plannerleading to Buck's mother thinking Todd was a nerd. Shortly after she began calling him Frank. Long story short, Frank and Buck were married, had six kids, lived overseas for a little bit, and now own a small business where everyone has a part from modeling and shipping to web design and SEO.


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